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Updating Overview

ItemPath pushes out regular ItemPath Docker image updates, but the images do not update automatically. Here's how to perform an ItemPath software upgrade.


Pulling Docker Images

The following commands will need to be done from the folder where ItemPath is installed, usually the root folder of the Linux user.

Each update can be pulled from the Docker registry using docker compose pull (or docker-compose pull, depending on your version of Docker).

ItemPath will need to be brought down and back up to apply the update.

Alternatively, updates can be imported via a Docker import.


Version Tagging

The version number can be controlled by tagging the 8 images (excluding an optional certbot image) in the docker-compose.yml file, like this:

version: "3.7"
    image: ppgsupport/redis:


Alternatively, the "latest" tag can be used to pull the most recent release:

    image: ppgsupport/redis:latest


For subsequent tagging, you can use the "find and replace" command detailed here. Replace the version numbers in the command below to use. This will replace all instances of the old version number. You can then use :wq to save and exit the file.



If the docker-compose.yml file has no image tags, it will pull the latest images.


Release Notes

Software release notes can be found online here.


Pruning Images

After a successful upgrade, unused images can be pruned to free up space using the docker image prune -a command.


Backing Up

ItemPath performs weekly database backups, but you can also (carefully!) backup manually with the following commands:

Database backup:

cp ~/ItemPath/data/appdata.db ~/ItemPath/data/backups/appdata-backup-manual.db


Docker-compose.yml backup (replacing MM-YY with the current date):

cp docker-compose.yml ItemPath/data/backups/docker-compose-MM-YY.yml


To restore the files in case of a failed upgrade, the files can be copied in the opposite direction. 

Be cautious when doing this! You don't want to overwrite anything by mistake.