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HTTP Status Codes

Here are the status codes commonly found in the ItemPath API. Each code on this list always returns an additional error message containing more details, depending on the situation.

Tip: You can get status codes from recent API calls using this API endpoint.

400: Bad request

  • This could be due to incorrect formatting or syntax.
  • Check for typos, or if a required field is left blank.
  • An ID may have been provided that is already in use.

401: No/incorrect authorization

  • An authentication key is required.

403: Not authorized, incorrect permissions

  • The action exceeds your permissions.

404: Not found

  • There are no results for your query.
  • Check for typos or if something was deleted.
  • A 404 may be returned when your refresh token has expired or is incorrect.

422: Can't be processed

  • This message is usually due to duplication errors, like a name that already exists in the system.
  • An incorrect password may result in a 422.

500: Internal error

502: External connection didn't respond

  • The PowerPick server or an ERP may have a connection error.
  • Check if anything has been changed and test your ItemPath connection settings, firewalls, and network connections.

Didn't find the code you were looking for?

The ItemPath API uses standard HTTP status codes. Check this list to see the generic description of the response code you received.