2.0.0 - New Reports, Order Builder, Order Processor, and More

October 29, 2020

New Features


  • Kit, Kit Line, Job, Job Line, and Client Reports are enabled
  • Orders, Order Lines, Kit, Kit Lines now have a new "Has Stock" field in reports


  • Order Processor app
  • Order Builder app available
  • XLSX app now available
  • PDF app now available
  • Email app now available
  • SMS app now available
  • Epicor import app now available
  • Epicor Export app now available


  • Users can now be created, deleted, and modified in ItemPath
  • Users can be assigned into Groups for permission changes
  • Groups now have assignable granular permissions


  • Config file settings now available in ItemPath
  • Database, connection, and custom Kardex settings available
  • Individual app settings now available


  • Job, Kit endpoints are available in the API
  • Order Create, Update, and Delete endpoints now available
  • LocationContent endpoints now available
  • Order, Kit endpoints now filterable by hasStock
  • Tasks endpoints now available
  • History now has additional fields