2.8.3 - Dashboard Upgrades & Data Push Resends

July 19, 2022

ItemPath 101: Taking The Course

Take your knowledge of ItemPath from basic to mastery with these new courses.

1. ItemPath Basics. Get started with the core features like reports, dashboards, and workflows with simple, step-by-step guide. Follow along with the examples on your own system to get familiar with how these essential functions work and how you can use them to your best advantage.

Itempath basics course

2. ItemPath API. Discover the full range of the API tool's capability, with examples of key calls to practice and adjust to fit your uses. Take your usage of the API to the next level with these tutorials and tips to avoid common pitfalls and errors.

Itempath api course

3. ItemPath Apps (in progress). Learn how to use the additional features unlocked by your ItemPath app integrations, such as Data Push, Cycle Counts, Lights, and more.

New Features

  • The dashboard has some improvements to make it more responsive. You can expect faster load times and clearer help text.
  • Data Push integrations show transactions that failed to send and allow you to retry them.
  • Widgets in the dashboard now display a message if an invalid chart type is chosen.
  • Snapshots can now be generated at a specific set time (every day/week/month/year).


  • Settings to connect the Lights (Philips Hue) app have been updated.
  • Exported files now convert the date to the user's time zone, or the global time zone if no time zone is set.
  • Fixed errors in pie and number charts.