2.8.6 - Running on API

October 26, 2022

Most of ItemPath's functions run on API calls, so every improvement to the API means the UI will run more smoothly. That's why we've been adding better checks for allowed values, making calls more straightforward and returning more helpful error messages. The updated API reference has a comprehensive list of endpoint attributes and their descriptions, with string limits, possible values, and defaults.

2 8 6 api reference

In the same way, for Report-builders, we've created this list of all the values available for Reports, depending on the theme. The list includes descriptions of PowerPick terms and what integer values represent. As new fields get added and this list expands, so does what you can do with custom Reports, Dashboard views, and automated Workflows.

Automatic Updates

Speaking of automated, this is the beginning of automatic software updates for opted-in users. Regular upgrades means quicker access to new features and bugfixes, starting now. Read on for what's new and improved in version 2.8.6.

New Features

  • When creating Order Lines in the API, either a material ID or a material name can be used. There are also better checks for unique order line numbers and unique serial numbers.
  • When creating Orders in the API and setting the directionType or priority, either integers or strings can be used. Those values are listed here.
  • Material reports and API calls now include a Location Count (locationCount) value, which calculates the number of locations (bins) the material is found in. This can be helpful for making free space.
  • Reports show their creation date, which is helpful for sorting.
  • On-premise SQL server connections can now use more versions of TLS/SSL certificates.
  • Testing Web Services connections generates logs, which available on the logs page and in reports. There are also better log error messages when failing to connect.
  • Data Push testing shows clearer error messages, such as if the history ID is invalid.
  • New API endpoints for handling units have been added to the ItemPath Postman collection.


  • Several report columns weren't sorting because of missing tables. This fix also fixes "orderBy" queries that weren't working in the API. Also, some report columns weren't deleting properly, but that's also resolved.
  • Resolved a potential issue where snapshots failed to run because of other snapshots running for too long.
  • Reports with Allocated Quantity values can use those values with report filters.
  • The time to load the /api/reports GET call is reduced to about 5% of what it previously was.
  • There are better checks in place for snapshot triggers, making sure the update frequencies are valid to avoid errors.
  • Stacking bar charts in the dashboard can always set unique colours for each snapshot, so you can clearly see each one in the stacks.
  • In odd cases in dashboard widgets where a snapshot's data is a null or erroring value, a "-" will show to indicate this. Before, this might have caused the dashboard to crash.