2.8.0 - Sharing Dashboard Views

May 10, 2022

Keeping an Eye on KPIs

By popular request, sharing dashboard views is now possible in ItemPath. You can now create dashboards to share with your team! Users can switch between their private and public views.

Keep key data top of mind with multiple colours and graph styles. Customize multiple views with unique widgets and switch between them. Toggle the "shared" setting to make the view accessible across all users—or keep it to yourself.

Dashboard sharing

This example is keeping an eye on productivity and location space, but the possibilities are virtually endless. You can use any snapshot from your reports in dashboard widgets! Get started with some popular report templates.

New Features

  • Pop-up indicates when to refresh the browser because a new version of ItemPath is available.
  • API access and refresh tokens now return their expiry date in the response.
  • Endpoints for Kits and Kit Lines are added to the API.
  • Emails sent via ItemPath now say "Sent from [your company] through ItemPath" in the email footer.
  • Exported report files are sorted by most recent first. Reports can be exported to XLSX.
  • Time formatting in API logs show a more verbose time.


  • Updating user type to application is fixed.
  • Testing a connection sometimes appeared to fail even though the connection was successful. The API logs now have clearer response messages.
  • If user time zone isn't set, defaults to the global setting rather than missing.
  • Switching between snapshots is more responsive.
  • Added the ability to create multiple orders within milliseconds, even with few user licenses, by saving sessions.
  • Order processing confirmation shows the current serial number being processed.