2.9.0 - Quicker Snapshots & Dynamic Fields Support

January 9, 2023

Improved Performance for Snapshots

Some of our users have experienced delays when loading snapshots data in reports or dashboards. We've made some changes to improve performance, so loading is quick and responsive. We've also added some checks to help users identify what kinds of snapshots might slow things down, and how to adjust them to prevent this.

For example, a snapshot that updates every minute, counting thousands of rows, takes some time. Often a user will set this frequency to get a quick update, but it can slow down the entire application. Now, you have the option to disable a snapshot that isn't in use. Also, snapshots that group data by a date field (e.g. pick transactions grouped per hour) show a warning that they might also slow down the application.

Snapshot grouping warning

Extensive Testing

We've introduced a new automated testing framework that checks for stability, changes, and data integrity. That means putting out releases with confidence that you're getting a stable product.

Dynamic Fields

For users with the Database Configurator module enabled in Power Pick, we've added the use of Dynamic Fields to the API and the Data Push app.* The names of these custom fields are set in Power Pick. They're available in Orders, Order Lines, and Transactions endpoints, which means they can be mapped in Data Push integrations. Dynamic fields can also be added to reports.

*This does require the Custom Fields app in ItemPath.

New Features

  • For compatibility with Power Pick 4.20, the "countEmptyLocations" field is now available in the API for creating count orders. Setting this value to "true" will include empty locations in the count. (By default, the value is "false".) An error will be returned if used with an older version of Power Pick.
  • Users can log in to ItemPath using either their email address or their username.
  • Password reset emails have a different message if no URL path has been set in ItemPath's general settings.
  • The POST /api/orders endpoint accepts many more location attributes, including "locations", "storageUnits", "zones", "areas", "carriers", and "shelves".
  • "directionType" is not a required field when creating a new order. Power Pick will automatically set empty directionType fields to 2 ("Pick").
  • Filtering orders by priority, status and direction type accepts number or text description.
  • Object IDs can be passed in PUT calls. ItemPath will ignore the value to prevent an error.
  • Data Push testing is disabled if there are no history records found.
  • API calls to create orders will now check that Power Pick Web Services is installed.
  • Web Services settings have a checkbox to allow or disable a proxy SSL connection.
  • License status warnings include the license expiry date.
  • Variance reports now can optionally ignore capitalization when comparing materials.


  • Cleanup of old snapshot data is now broken down into smaller, more frequent cleanup jobs to prevent database locking.
  • Some data was missing in the Explorer. This has been added in, as well as search functionality for the data.
  • When first creating a snapshot, the time selector was not always showing. This would prevent the snapshot from being created but has now been resolved.
  • Snapshots for material reports weren't able to group by location count, but this is now fixed.
  • An error causing importing report templates to fail has been fixed.
  • Filtering between two dates in the API logs now works correctly.
  • A successful connection test will update the status of the connection.
  • An occasional error when setting a connection test endpoint is fixed.
  • New user forms would sometimes hang if no license was entered, but this is fixed so licenses aren't required at this stage.