2.0.2 - History/Transaction Records

December 20, 2020

New Features

  • Rename History records to Transaction records for future clarity
  • New API endpoints for /api/transactions
  • Transactions can be filtered by order, order line, other filters
  • Transaction export state type can be updated via API
  • Order Lines API endpoints now show child transaction records
  • History reports now have more Order and order line fields
  • Materials, Orders, other records are now available in Explorer
  • General search is available in Explorer for some types of data
  • Epicor App now available in workflows
  • Hourly and minute trigger times in workflows
  • New Explorer areas (orders, materials, bins, kits)
  • Allows SSL certificates in data folder
  • Users tab is now available


  • XLSX files now send in email workflows correctly
  • Epicor app setting to switch direction works properly now
  • Removed duplicate History creation date field from reports
  • Epicor workflows now work for automatic export/import