2.8.4 - Scheduled Snapshots & New Material Codes

August 30, 2022

Changes to ItemPath updates

We've got some changes coming to the way we release updates to ItemPath, moving to a more automated release cycle. This will make it easier for users to keep up with the latest improvements and allow for better testing. You can expect to hear more details in the coming weeks about how this will affect your installation based on your licenses and service level agreement.

New Features

  • Material codes (a material's alternate lookup codes) can now be updated using the /materials API endpoint. Updating a material's codes deletes previous codes and replaces them. Click here to see how in the API reference.
  • Snapshots now have a setting to generate data at a specific time of day and day of week/month, depending on the frequency.
  • Snapshot caches reset when snapshot settings are updated, so the new settings are applied immediately instead of waiting for the next scheduled trigger.
  • Loading animations have been added in several places throughout ItemPath's interface to indicate that data is being retrieved.
  • An indicator across ItemPath's header indicates whether it is a production or development environment.


  • The API call to create a new material was requiring the "isBlocked" field. This field is now optional, because PowerPick will set this to "false" by default if nothing is specified. Also, errors around setting the "materialProperty" field have been fixed.
  • Dashboard widgets can no longer reposition themselves when loaded in a different size of window.
  • New user groups weren't saving properly due to a missing field.
  • An error occurring sometimes when updating user passwords has been fixed.