2.9.1 - Visualizing Targets, New Favourites, and Subgroups

February 16, 2023

Targets Acquired

You can now create multiple "trend lines" on widgets that use bar charts, giving them a name and amount so you can see if you're hitting your goals! In this example, you can compare your daily order processing rate to your target rate at a glance, using colour coded lines to see if you're on track. Check out the documentation here to set it up on your dashboard.

Target line 5

Your Personal Favourites

You can now toggle a report as a favourite, which will add it to a list of your favourite reports. This is a great way to keep track of the reports you use most often. You can also add a report to your favourites from the report's settings.

Report favourites

Snapshot Subgrouping

We've improved a feature of snapshots that allows you to group data by a field, and then further group that data by another field. This is useful for widgets that can show data grouped by date field plus a secondary field. For example, here you can see how many orders were processed per hour, and then see how what types of orders those were.

Subgrouped snapshot

New Features

  • We've shifted the way to add filters to reports. Rather than separating multiple values by commas (which is still supported), values can be entered individually and checked or unchecked from a dropdown. Additionally, we now support filtering by "null" in reports.
  • You can set a default warehouse in the settings page, which will be used if no warehouse is specified during order creation.
  • Querying parameters in API calls is now case insensitive, which is especially helpful for Info fields, which previously had to be capitalized.
  • Dashboard widgets will show an error message if the snapshot data fails to load.
  • If a snapshot is set to inactive, it won't show an an option to be added to a widget.
  • We added a verification check to TLS certificates.


  • We made some fixes to our usage of Power Pick's new "Count Empty Permanent Locations" feature. This includes an issue that could happen when allocating a count order with this feature enabled.
  • As part of the fix for the above, we also improved our Power Pick version-checking method.
  • A bug that was preventing the new Export State Type of some Data Push transactions from being committed has been fixed.
  • Snapshot date groupings will always show in chronological order.
  • It was possible to add an email attachment to a workflow without entering the rest of the required fields. This has been updated so all fields are required.
  • We fixed some issues with checking ports for Power Pick connections. Testing connections is also faster.
  • Exporting some report files wasn't resolving, so we've improved the way we handle this.
  • Pagination in reports was sometimes not working correctly. This has been fixed.
  • An error caused by missing report types has been fixed.
  • We're continuing to make improvements to snapshot data generation.