2.8.5 - Snapshot Storage & Code Clean-Up

October 5, 2022

In addition to some much-needed improvements to the Dashboard's functionality and the snapshots that appear on them, we've been cleaning up our code on the back-end to make ItemPath easier to build and maintain. Part of this cleanup has been squashing sneaky bugs that found their way into ItemPath's UI.

New Features

  • In the ItemPath API, when creating or updating an order, the priority can be set either using an integer (1-4) or a text value ("low", "medium", "high", "hot"). Note: This is also true for setting order direction types (e.g. 2 or "pick").
  • Another improvement to API error messages is a message returned if the body of the request contains escaped characters.
  • When searching for a report column to add to a report filter or snapshot grouping, you can type to search for the column.
  • For users of the Epicor app, if importing orders from a CSV files, ItemPath checks that no orders get imported twice to avoid errors.
  • In Material reports, there's a new LocationCount column that we've created to check on number of locations a material is stored.
  • In LocationContentBreakdown reports, there's a new Pick Quantity and Put Quantity columns for serial/lot numbers.
  • TLS certificates are enabled for the Web Services connection in ItemPath.


  • Searching reports and workflows would sometimes not return the right results. Now you can easily filter these lists again.
  • Updating a report filter saves correctly instead of returning an empty value.
  • Snapshots calculating a sum of column values can now be shown properly in dashboard widgets.
  • A rare case of snapshot data getting stale and not updating has been fixed. Snapshot data storage is now smarter about its self-cleaning.
  • Some compatibilities with PPG 5 have been fixed, including some database columns being renamed (for example CountEmptyLocations).