2.9.12 - Filtering Data Push by Any Field

March 25, 2024

Data Push Filters

This version adds the ability for Data Push integrations to be queried by more than just type and motive. Most transaction attributes can now be used as filters.

The value of the filter matches the syntax of API querying (comparators with values separated with a semicolon).

Important: Previously existing filters on an integration will need to be adjusted. This is a breaking change for existing Data Push integrations.

Data push filters 2 9 12 1

Data Pull Confirmations

Previously, the "Status" mapping in Data Pull confirmations would pass either "success" or "error". These remain the default values, but you can customize them to match statuses your ERP uses (e.g. "Order Created" or "Failed to Export").

Data pull confirmations 2 9 12

New Features:

  • A "stationName" field has been added to the LIST and SHOW /orders endpoints.
  • An "orderLineInfo1" field and an "orderLineInfo2" field have been added to the LIST and SHOW /transactions endpoints.



New Features:

  • Adjusts the Data Push filtering interface to be more user-friendly.


  • Fixes a bug introduced in for the "Consolidate Lines" setting in Data Push.