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Product Update
2.9.10 - Pulling in Recent Records
February 26, 2024

New Features: In Data Pull, new dynamic datetime filters — {lastDay} or {lastWeek} can be added to integration filters so that only recent order/material records are being pulled. This is used ...

Product Update
2.9.9 - Data Pull Upgrades
February 6, 2024

Patch New Features:Data Pull for Materials:Validation rules are checked when creating new materials. A "materialFamilyId" or "materialFamily" (name) key can be passed when creating a material.These Material report column types have ...

Product Update
2.9.8 - Consolidate Order Lines in Data Push
January 18, 2024

New Features: When selecting the log of a consolidated Data Push task, there is a link to the order line in the Explorer. Patch New Features: If the warehouse limit of your ItemPath ...

Product Update
2.9.7 - Explore & Edit Transactions
January 12, 2024

New Features: The initialHandlingUnit parameter that has been added to the Create Orders endpoint is also available in Order reports.The IBM DB2 connection type is now available to be used with ...

Product Update
2.9.6 - New Dashboard Charts, API Additions
October 24, 2023

New FeaturesThere are 25 new report columns that are text descriptions of various "types" found in Power Pick models. These make report and snapshot data much easier to understand.An endpoint ...

Product Update
2.9.5 - Stronger Power Pick Connections
August 2, 2023

New FeaturesImprovements have been made to increase Web Services performance.A new Status page allows a manual restart of ItemPath and gives an overview of its performance. More status features to ...