2.7.3 - New & improved settings, and Data Push ready to take your calls

January 28, 2022

Ready, Settings, Go

It's easier than ever to update your ItemPath site's settings, with our newly designed menu. With helpful tips and descriptors, finding where to enter your connection data for PowerPick and other app integrations is much more straightforward.

Settings 1
Settings 2

Time to Make a Call

Data Push app
Data Push App: Graduated from Beta

Make calls between your ERP system and PowerPick through ItemPath middleware, either on-demand or at regular intervals, with customized mapping between PowerPick and your system's naming conventions.

Check out the Data Push app's pricing here.

Data push 3 mappings

PowerPick 4.20 Compatibility

As PowerPick software gets upgraded, we keep up. ItemPath is up-to-date with the latest version of PPG.

New Features

  • Add new connections (with connection types, including API)
  • Connection information shows if username/password is already provided
  • API logs are filterable, searchable, and sortable
  • Order creation now checks for unique serial number (and hostIdentification was added)
  • Order Processing shows PowerPick error messages
  • API now has "or" comparator
  • New test endpoint can capture Data Push information
  • Email workflows allow attachments
  • Administrators can change user type in the user panel


  • "Forgot password" link is fixed
  • Reports are optimized
  • Skipping serials in order processing no longer hangs
  • Snapshots won't break with incomplete data
  • Cycle counts app shows a list of logs
  • Batch Processing disables orders with incomplete allocations
  • Connection names can be changed in Settings
  • Non-expiring token generation is fixed

2.6.5 - Workflows on/off switch, new Explorer filters, and variance reporting with Epicor

November 16, 2021

More to Explore

The easiest way to look up anything in your system is with the Explorer tool. With this update, cost centers, locations, stations, and zones are included in the search function. Filter through any of these categories to see descriptions, rules, sizes, capacities, info fields, and much more.

Cycle 2 explorer sections

Workflows On/Off

Set up as many automated tasks as you like with Workflows. With the newly added on/off switch, you can easily toggle the ones you want activated and build processes for testing. The Workflow actions available to you will show only your connected apps.

Cycle 2 workflows switch

Variance Reporting with Epicor

For users of the Epicor integration, we've stepped up the capability to check for variances with PowerPick. The Mapping interface simplifies mapping field handles between systems.
Additionally, import/export for Epicor has been fixed, and when adding info in the connection settings, there is now a "test connection" button to make sure the input is correct.

Cycle 2 epicor mapping

New Features

- In order creation, add warehouse and pass locationId and locationName
- Allocation count is added to orders and order lines
- Workflows offer an on/off switch
- Cost centers, stations, zones, and locations are included in the Explorer
- Users are shown as active or deleted
- Advanced Epicor variance reporting is available
- Overall caching is added


- Fixed mobile menu from overlapping
- Fixed Order Processor auto-selecting materials
- Fixed orderId sort for work order lines and added asc/desc to locations
- ItemPath warnings show properly, i.e. if license is less than one month from expiry
- The number of licensed warehouses is now checked
- Order processing hooks correctly into PPG web services
- If parameters are missing, SQL doesn't load
- The Workflow actions list only shows compatible apps
- PowerPick models in the Explorer show type descriptions instead of numbers
- Fixed Epicor import/export and added a "test connection" button - Batches Update

October 1, 2021

New Features

- Adds /api/batches filters
- Adds an /api/batches/delete endpoint
- Adds child storageUnits with names and ids to the /api/orders endpoint
- Adds a query feature if "all" is passed as a filter argument on an endpoint


- Fixes /api/batches endpoint bug
- Fixes a default row value for creation dates (was assigning the value based on when the code compiled, not the accurate time)
- Fix missing settings/integration filters
- Fix slow queries on /api/work_order_lines
- Allows for no quantity when creating a count order
- Adds asc/desc to work_order_lines?locations
- Fixes mobile menu from overlapping past screen
- Fixes order processing auto selecting materials

2.6.3 - Logs Update

September 28, 2021

New Features

- API and workflow logging now have expanded data
- /api/work_order_lines now can be sorted by locationName, locationId
- Adds a history record for workflows with logs


- Cleans up User login and report errors
- Optimizes certain reports to run faster
- Fixes a user login bug when no users were found
- Fixes API calls from loading slowly

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