- Sorting, Filtering, Export

January 27, 2020

New Features

  • Reports can now be sorted by clicking on the table column, either ascending or descending
  • Reports save sorting preferences
  • Reports now have an Export button, which will create a file to any of the enabled outputs
  • Reports can now be deleted from the Edit Report view
  • Report filters now have a Not Equal filter option
  • API logs now have a Clear button, which will remove all logs


  • Reports now properly show an indicator when loading data
  • LocationContent / Count Date now works as a date
  • Storage Rules Report Max Bin field now works correctly
  • Starts with/ends with filters now work properly
  • Filters now only show greater than/less than when filtering on a number field
  • Login should now trigger properly from the dashboard
  • New Report form should now redirect properly to the report view
  • Users plaintext password should now be hidden in API logs
  • API logs paginate correctly
  • API logs now show the correct count
  • Report Columns now have the correct name when editing

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