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Product Updates

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Product Update
2.6.5 - Workflows on/off switch, new Explorer filters, and variance reporting with Epicor
November 16, 2021

New Features- In order creation, add warehouse and pass locationId and locationName- Allocation count is added to orders and order lines- Workflows offer an on/off switch- Cost centers, stations, zones, ...

Product Update
2.6.4 - Batches Update
October 1, 2021

New Features - Adds /api/batches filters- Adds an /api/batches/delete endpoint- Adds child storageUnits with names and ids to the /api/orders endpoint- Adds a query feature if "all" is passed as a ...

Product Update
2.6.3 - Logs Update
September 28, 2021

New Features - API and workflow logging now have expanded data- /api/work_order_lines now can be sorted by locationName, locationId- Adds a history record for workflows with logs Bugfixes - Cleans up User login ...

Product Update
2.6.2 - Displays App & Material Properties
September 16, 2021

New Features:The Displays app is now available (ft. Storage Unit Load and Divert displays)An /api/material_properties endpoint is now availableThe Explorer now has a list of Material PropertiesBugfixes:The /api/work_order_lines endpoint now ...

Product Update
2.6.1 -
September 7, 2021

New Features - storageUnitId parameter now available on /api/work_order_lines- New filters for /api/work_order_lines ("name", "directionType", "locContentId", "quantity", "progressType", "orderLineId", "storageUnitId", "batchId", "orderId") Bugfixes - Priority parameter in POST /api/orders now accepts both a ...

Product Update
2.6.0 - SSL Cloud Connections
September 2, 2021

New Features - ItemPath.com cloud installations now use SSL Bugfixes - Connection information doesn't error out when a user isn't logged in ...