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  2. How many orders or materials can I create at one time?

How many orders or materials can I create at one time?

The ItemPath API does not currently support batch creation of orders or materials. You can create one order or material at a time using the Create Order or Create Material endpoints.

Depending on your software integration, your ERP system or middleware may be generating many of these requests at once. ItemPath is designed to handle this, and will queue requests as needed, waiting for a successful response from PowerPick before moving on to the next item.

However, because ItemPath uses PowerPick Web Services to create these items, the speed will be limited to what a single PowerPick Web Services user can handle.

If you are creating many items at once on a regular basis, you may want to consider setting up an additional PowerPick Web Services user for ItemPath to use. Please contact ItemPath support for more information if you are considering this method.


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