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  2. Why are links to ItemPath not working?

Why are links to ItemPath not working?

If you're finding links back to ItemPath are not working or seem incomplete, it's likely that your settings haven't been configured with the correct subdomain name or IP address.

To fix this, you'll need to update your settings in ItemPath. You can do this by clicking "Settings" in the footer of ItemPath and opening the General tab (open by default).

You'll see a section called "ItemPath URL" with a field for "URL."

  • For ItemPath hosted in the cloud, this should be the URL of your ItemPath site.
  • For ItemPath hosted on-premise, this should be IP address where ItemPath is installed.

This will ensure that reports or emails generated by ItemPath (e.g. a password reset email) direct users/recipients back to your site.

For on-premise installations, you may also need to check that your network allows emails to be sent from an external source. If you're not receiving emails from ItemPath, please check with your IT department to see if emails from ItemPath are blocked.