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  2. Why does an On-Premise license cost more than Cloud?

Why does an On-Premise license cost more than Cloud?

Each company's needs are different, but in most cases, we recommend purchasing ItemPath Cloud. It's a straightforward, consistent setup process, and we take care of all the hosting and maintenance for you.

With ItemPath On-Premise, you take on responsibility to keep your local hardware connected, backed up, and up-to-date. Even with a service level agreement, ItemPath is only responsible for the uptime for ItemPath software, not the OS or hardware.

So why the higher price?

An On-Premise installation is always more complicated and unique to every scenario. Connecting through your VPN and setting up additional firewalls/ports means more calls and communication with your IT department. Different methods of backing up data are queried, and internal access can be a challenge if ItemPath support needs to assist you.

Still, we give you the same guarantees regardless of which license you choose. That's also why On-Premise support may also cost a bit more. You can count on ItemPath to run smoothly and on our team to look after your system, addressing errors and concerns in a timely manner.