Your logs keep track of all activity that uses the ItemPath API, either via the interface or API calls.

 Logs overview

You can access your logs from the footer of your ItemPath site, or via http://[your URL or IP]/logs. You can also use an API call to GET past API calls using this endpoint.

 Logs location

You can filter log results with these four fields:

  1. Status Code: Choose a HTTP code from the list to return only messages with that code.
  2. User: Select an ItemPath user to filter activity from that login.
  3. Search: Enter your text to search error responses.
  4. Date Range: Set the start and end date and time of the range you wish to search.
 Logs filter 1  Logs filter 2

There is an option to "Clear Logs" in the top-right of the Logs page if needed, but we generally recommend keeping log history. Logs are stored in ItemPath Cloud for one month.