Mappings are how information from Epicor is connected to Itempath (and vice versa) in order to create a new field. This is for Importing and Exporting data (which is selected as Type when adding a new Integration or in Settings). Once you have the necessary settings, you can begin inputting the Mappings.

 Epicor mappings

To create a new Mapping, you must fill in the Itempath field with the appropriate data as well as the Epicor field. This can be done using a drop down list of options or by manually inputting. Once the information has been populated sufficiently, click New Mapping to save.

If a Mapping needs to be changed, click on the mapping and adjust the appropriate field. If a change is made it must be saved before continuing. Otherwise, click Remove to delete an unwanted Mapping.

Reasons for removing a Mapping:

  1. Incorrect URL
  2. Inaccurate details
  3. No longer needed