Connecting to PowerPick

ItemPath connects to PowerPick in two ways: with the rule engine, and directly to the MSSQL server. Pictured below is the technical overview of these connections and ports.

ItemPath Connections to PowerPick

In order to set up these connections, here is what you'll need:

For the PowerPick connection:

Kardex settings mssql

For the Web Services connection:

  • If you are planning to use ItemPath to create or process orders, you will need a dedicated IP and port number for your machine running the PowerPick rule engine.
    • For ItemPath hosted in the cloud, the dedicated IP address should be a public IP accessible outside of internal networks.

Once you have these items, you can add those details in ItemPath's Settings, in the "Kardex" tab, under "PowerPick" and "Web Services." (You'll see a "Test Connection" button beside each, which you can click to check if the connection details were successful.)

Kardex settings web services